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There are many fiber optic tools available to customer's these days, particularly in the fusion-splicer arena. Demand for these products have brought the price-points down considerably from years past. Based on our research and experience in the industry, we've aligned ourselves exclusively with FiberFox products due to their price to performance factor being the best in the industry. Its durability, performance, and value are the reasons why the US Army and US Air Force purchase Fiberfox fusion splicers from Teledon Solutions.
Mini 4S

MINI 4S Standard Kit

Active Clad Alignment Splicer - Standard kit. See specs for details

Mini 4S


Fiberfox Economical & High Performance Core Alignment Splicer – FTTH Kit

Mini 4S

Mini 6S Standard Kit

Mini 6S Standard Kit – A premium ultra-durable core fusion splicer. The US Army selected this model for use at their artillery ranges.

Mini 4S

Mini 6R (Ribbon Splice) Standard Kit

The Mini 6R is currently the smallest ribbon splicer in the market. It’s a high performance, durable ribbon splicer. Optional Ribbonizer available.


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